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Our company, Bali Spot international Co.,Ltd manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture, also rattan furniture indonesia product.

We has been established in the year 1995, located in Java Island with 10,000 square meter land and 2,000 square meter of covered building. Our company can make around 30 container 40 feet/month. This company at the beginning was start with manufacture of indoor rattan furniture and outdoor furniture which using rattan, wooden and natural fiber material for indoor furniture and wicker and garden furniture for outdoor furniture.

In 1998, our market began to reach foreign countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, Brunai, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai.

For years our commitment to providing customers, with the best quality products at reasonable prices, on time delivery, and the most careful attention the needs and expectation of our customers, this made our company a leader in manufacturing of teak furniture, rattan furniture, Garden Furniture, Iron Teak Furniture, Synthetic Rattan Furniture, wood furniture, wicker furniture.

The main products are: arm chair, bar, bed, buffet, coffee table, divider, drawer, fence, gazebo, lamp, lounger, nesting,  planter, side bed, side table, sofa, terrace set, trunk, tv cabinet, wardrobe, water tap, bar stool, bench, cabinet, captive, console, cupboard, desk, mirror, occasional chair, rack, side cabinet, side chair, table, basket, bed head, console table, dining set, living set, love seat, stool, bag, ettagere, hanger, hanging rack, magazine rack, trolley, vase, bed side cabinet, screens,stand

We hope that our customers could find as much pleasure in the use of our products as we have found in producing them


A brief description of Rattan

Here's nothing like the natural beauty of fine rattan furniture. For centuries this distinct style of rattan furniture has held a place of honor in homes, hotels and restaurants, favored by many of the top interior designers for its enduring character and eclectic design.
Rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical forests of the Far East, especially in Indonesia
The true rattan are restricted to the Old World tropics and subtropics
Rattan is one of the oldest natural furniture materials in use today. Bamboo has characteristic which is hollow, but rattan is a solid timber vine that grows in the jungles of Indonesia
Rattan are climbing palms that provide the raw material for the cane-furniture industry. The trade in rattans furniture and canes furniture is thought to be worth about £3 billion annually
Rattan have long and very flexible stems that need support. The longest cane ever recorded was over 175 m long.
Rattan is one of nature's strongest materials for furniture. Rattan will not splinter or break and is ideal for making furniture. Once molded, solid rattan retains its contours permanently
Rattan usually has whips, either on the leaf sheaths or at the ends of the leaves.

Production of rattan and wicker furniture

The rattan is placed in a steam box which is necessary for bending the rattan and making it more pliable. Jigs are constructed for producing specific shapes. When the rattan is steaming hot, it is bent to fit into the jig. Once cooled, the rattan will remain in that shape.

Rattan Gathering

Rattan gatherers need to pull the canes down from the forest canopy and remove the spiny sheaths, leaves and whips. Rattan harvesting is thus a rather dangerous business - dead branches can be dislodged as the rattan is pulled

Rattan advantage

In Indonesia rattan are used for manufacture of baskets, mats and rattan furniture. Undoubtedly rattan remains the most important source of material for making furniture in the South-east Asian region; however now day some producing countries have introduced export tariffs or export bans for raw cane to encourage the manufacture of rattan furniture within the producing countries, thereby adding value to the exported product, and also helping to conserve stocks of wild rattan.

A brief description of Wicker

Wicker, works well for the furniture buyer who wants a home reflecting the feel of casual elegance. Wicker furniture offers comfort, versatility and livability.

Wicker Furniture refers to products that are made from reed, cane, rush, willow or other natural materials. When wet, these materials are pliable enough to be woven. Wicker and Rattan are natural products with each piece having its own individual, unique qualities. When stained there will be slight differences in hue and color of the wicker furniture and this is part of the beauty of owning a product made from Indonesia nature
Wicker is a weaving process, not a material.

A brief description of teak furniture

Teak furniture is all made from Grade A Indonesia teak timber and has been sourced from manufacturers that conform with strict government reforestation and sustained yield programming. Solid brass fixings are used on all teak furniture products. All teak furniture comes with a choice of finishing, either a well-sanded natural finish or a teak furniture oiled finish for a more polished appearance.

All of our teak furniture is manufactured from plantation grown wood, Grade A teak furniture is at least 60 years old whilst the standard grade teak is at least 40 years old. Grade A teak is the finest quality available and it has a very consistent colouring and grain. Standard grade teak furniture is used in some of the oiled furniture products where uniform colouring is not so important.
Teak is a beautiful and durable hardwood with a high natural oil and rubber content. Teak is using for Teak Garden furniture and Teak Flooring

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